Monday, January 7, 2013

#Seahawks #BandWagons Filling Up Fast!

It is not uncommon for any fan of a NFC East team to not like fans for the other teams in that division...but most commonly known is the friction between Redskins and Cowboys fans.  Well, this year, as the band-wagons start circling, it seems these spontaneous Seahawks fans start popping up...and I tell you, I do not like these Seahawks fans...boasting, frankly, an unproven roster full of long shots who have only won mainly because other teams were not playing well.  I was not at all impressed Sunday with the Seahawks, nor much this season, compared to the recent Super Bowl winners.  Nothing, despite luck, dominates for the Seahawks.  Fans, though, speak of the second coming, when referring to Russell Wilson...they skip around acting as if they have been fans for decades, and not weeks, promoting the Seahawks as their team only because they actually won some games for a change.  I was not the only blogger mindlessly bombarded by brainless Seahawks fans with a taste for stabbing at a REAL franchise.  I can tell you, I do not respect these Seahawk players, coaches or fans....I still see flashes of that Richard Sherman (aka, big cheater) waving goodbye and taunting our team after the playoff loss, oh, and getting smacked like a ho' by Trent Williams too...I see flashes of Coach Carroll cheering in celebration over a TD that he KNOWS was not a TD (Packers replacement-ref goof game).  So, Seahawks...I hope your band-wagon fills fast, goes out of control, and hits a gas truck....because you guys are creating bad ju ju for your team and your bad luck streak will be back very soon....just wait.

Hail to the Redskins!

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