Thursday, June 6, 2013

Richmond Insider! Where to eat? Where to stay?

Redskins training camp in Richmond, VA, is right around the corner.  A few friends involved with the construction project told me that most contractors or on or ahead of schedule.  They also mentioned that this new facility looks much more accommodating to fans and spectators.

Here is a recent shot of the practice fields at the new facility (compliments of the Washington Post)

Like many Central Virginia Redskins fans, I am so excited they are coming to my area for training camp!  As an en-crazed Redskins fan and self appointed Ambassador, I have compiled some valuable information on Richmond and the surrounding area...the best food....the best place to stay....the best know, the essentials.


Close to the Facility

There are many fast food joints within eye-shot of the facility...but here are my favorites:

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken -
Best fried chicken for the money in Richmond, and I dare say Virginia.  This small chain is the perfect spot for to-go tailgating grub close to the facility...well within walking distance.

Cameron's Seafood -
Looking for good seafood within a short stroll of the facility?  Look no further than Cameron's Seafood.  The prices are middle of the road, but portions are healthy and the food is simple, but good.

Gus's Bar and Grill -
Need a beer, Gus is right here...just across the street from the Science Museum of Virginia...and a decent place too!  Bar fair is good and so are the beer prices.  Cheers!

Buz & Neds Barbecue -
Barbecue of any kind is the ideal football food...and you will not find better barbecue in Richmond then Buz and Neds.

In Richmond 

Richmond has many, many offerings, from high class to no class, but here are what I think are the highlights:

Mama Zu's - 501 South Pine Street, Richmond, VA - 804-788-4205
No, there is not a web address for this one, and you will see why when you get there....but do NOT let this place fool you, it is the best Italian food in Richmond, hands down.  Busy & crowded, but well worth it.

Cheeburger Cheeburger -
Though there may be more creatively concocted burgers out there, this place has the best basic "choose your own toppings" burger in town!  With 5 locations around the Richmond area, chances are you will be staying close to one.  The onion rings are "forget about it" good.  Prices are way cheap too!

Bottom's Up Pizza -
Love pizza with a twist, try Bottoms up.  There are several decent "Roma" style pizza joints in Richmond, but this place breaks that mold and kicks things up a notch with high-end, gourmet pizza.  Nestled under the bridge is Shockoe Bottom, it is also close to the party on a Friday or Saturday night.

Best Doughnuts

Country Style Doughnuts - 4300 Williamsburg Road, Richmond, VA
Simple good doughnuts, seemingly endless choices, and best prices around - this is not that high-end gourmet doughnut shop wanna-be, this is the real deal, old school doughnut shop.

Krispy Kreme - 4910 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA
Ok, you can get a normal Krispy Kreme anywhere, but this one offers hot and fresh ones...and if you have never tried one that way, will thank me.

Outside of Richmond

Tires of city and want to explore?  Here are some of my local favorites in Petersburg, VA:

Longstreet -
At least 24 beers on tap, great food, great people in the coolest little downtown in Central Virginia.

Wabi Sabi -
Great food and cool environment, from a new-age-esque Martini bar upstairs and a nice vintage basement/cellar style music room and bar...a one-of-a-kind place.



There are several Budget Inns and other cheaper places, but not in the best of locations.  Richmond, like most big cities, is a lot safer in certain here are some safe cheap choices.

Comfort Inn Conference Center Mid-Town

Clarion Hotel Central -


Doubletree Downtown
Great location to eating and entertainment, besides the Training Camp.

The Omni
Great location also!


The Jefferson Hotel -
If you want first class all the way, the Jefferson is your place.  It is likely that anyone famous coming to camp will be staying there.  It offers the best concierge in Richmond, fine dining at Lemaire, and 24 hr room service.  Indoor pool, in-house spa, 1st class transportation around Richmond...the works.  Expensive, but incredible.  So if your wife is giving you hell about dragging her to training camp, splurge on a few more bucks a night and treat her like a queen...she will beg you come back every year!

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