Thursday, May 19, 2016

Training Camp 2016 - Richmond, Virginia - Starting Date Set!

Start date is SET!  July 27th!

Usually camp cranks up with a conditioning test followed the next day by a full day practice, open to the public.

Besides seeing players and getting up-close-and-personal with your favorite team, Redskins Training Camp is a great facility for meeting fellow fans, sampling great vendors, shopping the on-site Redskins store, and (most plentiful of all) a host of great photo-ops!

Every year, #RVA has gotten better and better at hosting the many travelers that visit camp, so expect plenty of off-site activities to keep you busy!

Mark your calendar and start planing your trip to Richmond, will not be disappointed!

Hail to the Redskins!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Final Mock Draft! #MockMadness #Redskins

Here are a few additional Mock Drafts for the Redskins, compliments of Fanspeak.

21: R1P21

53: R2P22

84: R3P21

120: R4P22

158: R5P19

187: R6P12

232: R7P11

242: R7P21

The Redskins draft principles seem more focused on the best player available, but beyond that, players who show intelligence, a love for the game, and all that considered...

Ragland was a easy pick at 21 for me.  The ILB position needs a strong investment if the Redskins want to find stability on defense.  Though the same goes for DT, Ragland was the best player on the board, not to mention the best true ILB in the draft.

I was surprised Derrick Henry was still on the board late in the 2nd round, and I would imagine the Redskins would be too....just too tempting to pass up on.

Boehm would address a need at C, besides he is likely the toughest offensive lineman in the draft.

Bush was off my radar until recently.3yer who is a McC kind of guy, through and through.

Valentine is big and freakishly why is he still around at pick 232?  He has some conditioning issue and needs some coaching-up to harness his potential.  Big value, low risk to draft him in the 7th round AND it address a need for a big, interior D-lineman.

Caputo is tough as nails.  Not the fastest guy, he always seems to be around the play anyway.  Though I think they pop on a earlier FS, Caputo could prove to be a great ST player, rotational DB/SS/FS and insurance behind that earlier pick.  Totally McC guy.

Enjoy the Draft!

Hail to the Redskins!