Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#ScavHuntSkinsCamp Free Stuff, Starting This Weekend!

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I donated the Redskins goodies!  Love my followers and fellow fans!  Spreading the Good Ju Ju around this Pre-Season in hopes it get's us off on the right foot (AKA - WINNING!).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Training Camp: Need To Convince The Wife & Kids?

It is usually about this time of year that I break the news to my wife and kid that we ARE GOING to training camp.  Unlike years past, though, we will only have a 1/2 hr drive from the house and still on what I would consider my "home turf".  Richmond can be a fun "family city" and the location of the Training Facility gives you just that, offering two of the largest family friendly attraction in Richmond are right next door, the Science Museum of Virginia (which features an IMAX Theater as well) and the Children's Museum.

Science Museum of Virginia:

Children's Museum:

So this year, and for years to come, bring the kids!  Ship them next door and enjoy Redskins Training Camp, free of whining, potty trips, and "How much longer do we have to stay here?"  Now, they will be excited when you want to go to Training Camp!

Flashback - Training Camp 2013

Here is a story I did last year, after my first visit to Training Camp!  Great experience!

It is common for fans to be crazy about their respected football teams, but it is rare to see a NFL team embrace their fans as the Redskins have with the new Bon Secours Redskins Training Camp Facility.  I attended camp today and was absolutely blown away, as both a fan and a blogger, at how well prepared the team was for the amazingly large crowds of fans that poured in to feed their passion and see their Redskins in action.

On my approach to the facility, I found parking with ease, just a block away.

After a very short stroll I was at the gate....no waiting....no invasive search...and astonished to see so many fun activities, such as a Twitter picture booth, chock full of team gear.

I found it easy to navigate around the facility, despite record numbers of fans (15,000).

The concessions were affordable and plentiful with short lines.  There were great Play60 events for the kids and a Xbox tent with a great series of potential photo opportunities.

The special kids viewing area was a real treat.  Players ran straight to that section after practice...each one signing autographs and choosing kids to take on a tour or the facility (and yes, I was so jealous of those kids).  Players continued for about an hour to come out and sign for fans.  I saw items being toted around covered with autographs.

Needless to say, it exceeded expectations and will only get better!

Richmond handled the crowds, traffic and parking with ease.  The local restaurants loved the attention.

Besides just being a very cooling thing for fans, it is, perhaps, the greatest approach to team marketing I have ever witnessed.  I am sure they know that the fan base is growing...and really, it would regardless of this great training camp for fans....but they are drawing in these fans for life, helping people create memories and establish a connection with their team in a way teams just never have before.  I left today proud...proud to be a fan of the Washington Redskins....proud to be a blogger who helps promote my teams every move....and proud of Richmond, Virginia.