Friday, February 13, 2015

New Blog! #Foodginia #RVA

Very happy to announce a new blog, Foodginia!

...I had to do something in the off-season.  I love food and blogging, so a food blog just made sense...good excuse to eat good food, too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Superbowl XLIV

Respect The Game Or Retire!

There are a lot of jobs that do NOT promote much personal privacy and being a superstar in the NFL is one of them.  Frankly, despite what some players may think, the NFL is here for one reason and one reason alone...

The Fans.

Some may argue that the NFL is not just entertainment....and I would agree, that about 2% of what makes the NFL is for the "game", the rest is for the fans.  The billions of dollars derived from the NFL come from fans or sponsors seeking to reach fans.  Teams and player get big time pay to play a game/sport for one reason,

Now, with that said, I think most fans agree, the rules that govern a player's right to privacy, in particular how/why/when the address the media, need to be looked at.  Perhaps some of the rules could be adjusted to accommodate a player who is shy or just doesn't want added attention.  Fact is, for now, players who face the media should be respectful, especially when the media is not being malicious.

I am obviously addressing the recent behavior elite NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who, instead of addressing questions in a reasonably pleasant manner, decided to use one sentence, over and over, to address the media.  Lynch showed blatant disrespect for the media, fans, and integrity of the game while trying to hide behind his disillusioned "right to privacy".  When you are a mega-superstar about to play in the biggest game of the year, how can ANY star player expect to be able to just "opt out" of the attention.  His point of view is unrealistic...if he wants to be left alone, retire.  Until he retires, he needs to respect the fans that make this game possible and address the media like a gentlemen or be HEAVILY fined or even suspended for not doing so.

Like it or not, this league would be no more then a county recreation league without the BILLIONS of dollars poured in by want to make the money, play the game.

Hail to the Redskins!

Finding the Right Guys.

The off-season coaching staff adjustments are still well underway, but the Redskins did hire a Joe Barry as a Defensive Coordinator and Perry Fewell as the Defensive Backs coach.  More changes are coming.

If you "Google" either hire, you will see countless stories about these two hires.  I think they both show one thing....this front office and Coach Gruden are looking for the "right guys" and not just the big names.  Sure, Fangio was the hot defensive coordinator available...and they did take a run at him, but in the end, I felt like Barry was a "Gruden'esque" coach with a chip and a lot to prove.  Fewell worked wonders with a thin secondary in New York, often decimated by injuries.  Both have a great opportunity to use this team as a spring-board to bigger things.

So, as opposed to hurling tons of statistics and micro-analyzed information about these hires, I will just say, from what I have read and seen from both of these hires, I would not be surprised if both of these guys find success here with our Redskins.

Hail to the Redskins!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Enter...The Draft Man

I have to admit, I held off writing an "excited fan" piece of the hiring of Scot McCloughan as the new General Manager of the Washington Redskins in hopes of being able to not only calm down, but to learn more about him.

Instead of throwing out player names and statistics McCloughan is connected to, I wanted to pass on the main things I took from my research:

  • Calm, Cool, Collected:  This guy is very methodical and does not make rash or rush decisions on personnel...which has translated into very smart decision making in his past.
  • Build Through The Draft:  Draft-oriented team/franchise is how dynasties are built and it is what he does.
  • New Approach:  For the Redskins, this is be quite a change in approach since the start of the "Dan Snyder" era.
  • Ask, And Ye Shall Receive:  Fans called for Mr. Snyder to hire a real "football-personnel" guy to bring into the fold...and he did just that with McCloughan.
  • Give A Man A Fish...Teach A Man To Fish:  McCloughan is not just known for making good personnel decisions, but he is known for spreading his gift and coaching up the scouting staff and front office.
  • Legacy Of Success:  McCloughan is credited for much of the talent on the 49ers and the Seahawks....both recent/current powerhouses in the NFL.
  • It's OK, Get Excited:  Fans should be optimistic...the future (aka, 2-3 seasons) should yield results, if we and Dan Snyder can be patient.

Hail to the Redskins!