Thursday, May 19, 2016

Training Camp 2016 - Richmond, Virginia - Starting Date Set!

Start date is SET!  July 27th!

Usually camp cranks up with a conditioning test followed the next day by a full day practice, open to the public.

Besides seeing players and getting up-close-and-personal with your favorite team, Redskins Training Camp is a great facility for meeting fellow fans, sampling great vendors, shopping the on-site Redskins store, and (most plentiful of all) a host of great photo-ops!

Every year, #RVA has gotten better and better at hosting the many travelers that visit camp, so expect plenty of off-site activities to keep you busy!

Mark your calendar and start planing your trip to Richmond, will not be disappointed!

Hail to the Redskins!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Final Mock Draft! #MockMadness #Redskins

Here are a few additional Mock Drafts for the Redskins, compliments of Fanspeak.

21: R1P21

53: R2P22

84: R3P21

120: R4P22

158: R5P19

187: R6P12

232: R7P11

242: R7P21

The Redskins draft principles seem more focused on the best player available, but beyond that, players who show intelligence, a love for the game, and all that considered...

Ragland was a easy pick at 21 for me.  The ILB position needs a strong investment if the Redskins want to find stability on defense.  Though the same goes for DT, Ragland was the best player on the board, not to mention the best true ILB in the draft.

I was surprised Derrick Henry was still on the board late in the 2nd round, and I would imagine the Redskins would be too....just too tempting to pass up on.

Boehm would address a need at C, besides he is likely the toughest offensive lineman in the draft.

Bush was off my radar until recently.3yer who is a McC kind of guy, through and through.

Valentine is big and freakishly why is he still around at pick 232?  He has some conditioning issue and needs some coaching-up to harness his potential.  Big value, low risk to draft him in the 7th round AND it address a need for a big, interior D-lineman.

Caputo is tough as nails.  Not the fastest guy, he always seems to be around the play anyway.  Though I think they pop on a earlier FS, Caputo could prove to be a great ST player, rotational DB/SS/FS and insurance behind that earlier pick.  Totally McC guy.

Enjoy the Draft!

Hail to the Redskins!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

#MockDraft 2.0 w/Trades

It's that time again...

Second year Redskins GM Scott McCloughan has stated publicly he would love 11 picks in this years draft.  Currently, they hold 8 picks.  Beings more of the pre-draft deals have taken place, one can only assume the Redskins will be looking to move around in order to acquire a few more picks in this years draft and I tried to embrace just that idea in the Mock Draft.

So let's get to Mock Draft 2.0!!!

"...and with the 21st pick in the 2016 Draft, wait...what's this...I think we have a trade...yes, Arizona has decided to trade up" best guess of the first move the Redskins will make to acquire more picks is trading back to the bottom of Round one with Arizona.  Arizona is BIG on Jared Goff and with Carson Palmer nearing the end of his career (and injury issues) I think they have to draft the QB of the future now.  To do so, they may want to pick ahead of the Texans, who will likely be targeting a gun-slinger at pick 22,  (UPDATE - Caught some slack on this concept due to the Osweiller acquisition, but I doubt the Texans put all their "chickens in one basket" at QB again...not saying they want a QB at 22, just saying if a guy is there they can't believe fell that far, it could be tempting enough to make someone want to move ahead of them).  The cost for trading up should be worth the Redskins considering a deal.  My best guess is that they would swap first round picks and the Redskins would acquire pick 167 and maybe a 5th in next years draft.

So, back to the Redskins...

"...with the 29th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select...wait, there has been yet another trade"

It's is possible that Cleveland might want back into the 1st round and could target a Running Back, Safety, Tackle, Center, or Wide they make a deal with the Redskins....Browns move up to 29, acquire the Redskins 2017 7th round selection... Redskins acquire pick 32, pick 99, and pick 223.

Now the Redskins have 11 picks....

...time for some picks.

So, again, back to the Mock Draft...

"...with the 32nd pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Derrick Henry, Running Back - Alabama

This selection accomplishes many things for the Redskins...first, it gives them insurance at the Running Back position, and not your regular insurance, your "6'3", 247lbs, 4.5s 40-speed, work-horse" kind of insurance.  Second, Dallas took Alfred Morris, so we took Henry away...take that Jerry Jones (someone known to be drooling at the chance of drafting Henry).  Third, he would likely be on the very top of most draft boards.  Henry is healthy and has limitless potential, despite over 400 carries in College.  If the Redskins had Jones and Henry, complimented by Thompson and Redd, they would have to invest more play-calling into the running game (something Redskins fans would LOVE to see us go back too....ground and pound, baby).  We would really be able to wear out defenses and become much less predictable (and more consistent on drives and in clokc management).  Last, but not least, it would take a lot of pressure off of Cousins, going into truly his first full season as the starter (something any second-year-start at QB could benefit from).  A solid running game, building value in the play-action, could lead to even bigger passing numbers for Cousins.  Having a few more picks means they can roll the dice one of the later round Nose Tackles and Defensive Backs.

"...and with the 53rd pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Jeremy Cash, Safety - Duke

The more I watch Cash, the more I think he fits our defense.  Much like Kysheon Jarrett, Cash is versatile with solid instincts, getting to the ball faster then his 40 time make you believe.  Cash would likely start his NFL career like Jarrett, as a starting Nickle Corner and make some appearances in sub packages as the 4th or 5th DB or Safety.  Cash is stronger out of the box and against the run then out in coverage, but his size and length give him the physical tools to potential match-up well against Tight Ends.  The more I see of this guy, the more I like.  My fear is that the Carolina Panthers might like his skill-set too, but I doubt they pull the trigger in the 1st round, so may just still be there at 53.

"...and with the 84th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Nick Martin, Center - Notre Dame

Nick Martin, brother of Cowboys Zack Martin, plays with the same intensity and mean streak his brother does.  The Redskins covet aggressive interior lineman and really need to solidify the Center position.  Despite being slowed by a knee injury in 2014, Martin was a 3-year starter for Notre Dame and is listed as the second best safety in this draft.  Martin is known for his toughness, playing through a torn ligament in his snapping hand and a slowly recovering knee injury.  He moved and performed well on his pro day, boosting his stock some, but I would expect he is the second Center off the board and still available for the taking at 84.

"...and with the 99th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Mike Thomas, Wide Receiver - Ohio State

The Redskins could use a Wide Receiver with size and range, especially for red-zone situations.  Thomas still has some kinks to work out, but has all the physical attributes and skill-set to be a starting Wide Receiver in the NFL.  Thomas uses his 6'3" height well and does a great job of catching the ball at it's high-point.  Thomas needs to work on his route running skills, but proved to be a solid receiving threat at Ohio State and should hopefully develop into just that at the NFL level.  In most drafts, Thomas would be long gone by pick 99, but he sits behind 4 or 5 other really talented receivers, but could emerge as the "pick of the litter" a few years from now.

"...and with the 120th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Cyrus Jones, Corner Back - Alabama

Jones started his career at Alabama as a Wide Receiver, switching to Corner Back before the 2013 season.  Jones learned fast and developed solid defensive instincts quickly.  Jones does not have elite speed.  The Redskins offense and defense looks as if they are built to "beat up" on apposing teams.  Jones ability to play press coverage and stay aggressive fits the Redskins scheme.  Jones is also comfortable in man-coverage situations, using the sidelines and play formations to help make-up for any lack of elite speed.  Despite being a former offensive player, Jones has steadily improved his craft ever season and may just be tapping into his potential as a cover-corner.  Jones is also a very skilled return man and could contribute on special team right away, another thing the Redskins could certainly use.  If not for a off-the-field incident and a poor 40 time, Jones would have been a late 1st or 2nd round pick.  It would not surprise me if Jones developed into a impact player at the pro level, but that will take some time.

"...and with the 158rd pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Tyvis Powell, Free Safety - Ohio State

Powell has the size and athletic ability most teams covet at Free Safety but was not as strong versus the run.  Powell needs to work on his instinct and play-reading ability at the next level.  Powell is quick enough to play nickle DB, but his size and length fits better at Free Safety.  Despite not being the best player on a very good defense, Powell made some crucial plays when it mattered most and you just can not teach "clutch".  Coach Gruden recently spoke about the lack of depth at Safety.  I would expect they select more than one safety in this years draft, especially if they acquire additional picks.  Powell could really benefit from some position coaching from Perry Fewell.  I could see Powell fitting in well as a sub-package member of the Redskins secondary and I would be surprised if he sharpened up his skills and ended the year a starter.

"...and with the 167th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Tyler Matakevich, Inside Linebacker - Temple

Matakevich makes plays, but, there is more to this guy.  Matakevich plays with 110% heart 110% of the time without making rush decisions...he just makes lots of plays.  Matakevich is a tackling machine and never takes a play off.  He needs to get stronger at the NFL level and to help sure up his tackling strength, but as far as play diagnosis, heart, and leadership, you will not find a better player with those qualities at this point in the draft.  Matakevich loves diagnosing film and preparing for opponents.  He just has a knack for getting the guys around him pumped up, too.  This is a McCloughan-style pick and the Redskins could use some depth at Inside Linebacker.

"...and with the 187th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Shawn Oakman, Defensive End - Baylor

Physically, Oakman has amazing gifts... 6'9", 287 lbs, runs a 4.84 40yd dash...there is not many players with his build and athletic ability.  Problem with Oakman is that he is an underachiever, who never really seem to be near as dominate as his physique would suggest.  That said, he did make plays and could be hoarding a wealth of potential.  Oakman is raw and may just need some great coaching to tap into his gifts.  He needs to build up some lower body strength to have longevity in the NFL, but no one can question his upper-body and hand strength.  I find it hard to believe McCloughan would pass up on a chance to acquire such a physically massive prospect.  The Redskins need developmental talent and depth at Defensive End.  I think just about every blogger has this guy on their mock draft somewhere, but if something comes of the Sexual Assault investigation underway, he could find himself sliding in the draft, if not going undrafted all together.

"...and with the 223rd pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

D. J. Reader, Defensive Tackle - Clemson

Reader is a big, squatty Nose Tackle.  Fluctuating from 325lbs to 345lbs, Reader moves better then his massive frame would make you think.  Despite good feet, Reader will find it much harder to be a disruptive force in passing situations, but would make a solid two-gap lineman and role-player on any NFL defensive line.  The Redskins could use a guy with size and physical skills they can coach up as a potential long-term replacement at Nose Tackle.  Besides the stress of college, or playing college football at one of the highest levels, Reader also dealt with the passing of his father and some off-field family issues, even having to leave the team before the beginning of 2015, coming back in October, but some scouts may look at that as a special point of motivation and with the right coaching-up, Reader could develop into a solid starting Nose Tackle in the NFL, something the Redskins could use.

"...and with the 235th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Denver Kirkland, Offensive Guard - Arkansas

Kirkland was a huge part of a pretty successful running game at Arkansas.  Kirkland is a big, powerful run blocker, who moves into the second level well.  Kirland is known for playing through injury and showing a lot of heart.  Considered more of a guard prospect at the NFL level, Kirkland has experience at tackle as well.  Kirkland has struggled with his technique and his weight have concerned some scouts, as well, so he will likely still be on the board in the later rounds.  The Redskins have to improve in the running game if they expect to continue to compete in the NFC East and Kirkland could certainly develop into a guy who could help.  Kirkland will have to prove to scouts he is healthy and has his weight under control, or he could go undrafted.

"...and with the 245th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select..."

Jeff Driskel, Quarterback - Louisiana Tech

Driskel was highly recruited out of high school, but has struggled to improve at his craft much at the college level.  He did fair better after he transferred to Louisiana Tech from Florida.  Driskel has a strong arm, good footwork, and decent short and intermediate accuracy but does not throw a great deep ball.  Driskel does have a quick release with pop.  Driskel's slow development is likely the only reason he may slide to the 7th round.  The Redskins, in need for a developmental QB, may just pull the trigger on this signal-caller.  The Redskins have the coaching in place and the time needed to develop Driskel's talent.

As much as I wanted to find a 3-4 fitting Outside Linebacker to add to this mock draft, every time there was a player there I thought was better.  If nothing else, expect the Redskins to target many undrafted free-agents at these same positions after the draft, including Linebacker.  Luckily for them, the Redskins have far more depth then they did this time last season, allowing them to be more flexible and patient enough to develop talent...something they have struggled with over the past decade.

Hail to the Redskins!