Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Actions Have Consequences

The NFL is a meat-grinder.  Players and trainers will tell you, players tear their bodies to pieces for the sake of an incredible game and the cheers of the dedicated fans.  There is a reward for the hard work...huge salaries, fame, and glory...but every snap, they risk injury that could end their playing career.  Medical science has made leaps and bounds in repair and recovery of such injuries, however, ever person heals differently.  Players train harder, work harder, and gear up better than ever, yet injuries still happen.  Most players are fearless warriors.  That mentality comes at a cost, sometimes.  Take for example Robert Griffin III and his recent knee troubles.  Here is a guy of true moral and team character...willing to give 110% all the time, play through pain, face immense adversity, and do anything he can to help his team win, but the warrior in him came back to haunt him.  Making the decision to stay in the Wild Card game, despite knowing he was hurt, was courageous but cost his team the game and cost Robert Griffin III torn ligaments in his knee...6-8 months of painful surgery and hopes that some day he will be the same QB.  He probably will...I mean, the guy has never shy'd away from hard work....but his actions had serious consequences to his teams future that have yet to be determined.  I believe protecting those warriors, especially one that has been so important to the franchise, falls on the shoulders of the Coaching Staff and the Medical Staff...both of which failed in their duties...their actions, or lack there of, had consequences.  Of course, who is to say exactly when the knee was truly injured...and of course, both RG3 and the team staff have to get to know one another better...this can end up just being a hard earned lesson or it could be remembered as the worst decision in franchise history...only time will tell.  I have faith, though, that Super Griffin will only come back stronger and even a better player.  Hope is strong in Redskins Nation!

Hail to the Redskins!

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